Pictures by a Maine-iac 4

Pictures by a Maine-iac 4

I finally decided to put some real (sans makeup) photos of myself and my family on my site!

(Sorry, but I haven't come up with any music for this page)

The master of the house (copyright D. Emmons 2003)

This is the person I moved into an apartment with in college in the fall of 1981. Although we had dated prior to living together, I can't honestly say that either one of us thought we'd still be together. We got married on July 23, 1983.

Yours truly at the keyboard

This photo of me at the "old" computer was taken by a friend when he delivered our "new" computer shortly after we moved into our house. (After seeing this photo, I started using a slightly more real color for my "bleach jobs"....*grin*)

Two pictures of my son (aka "Madmartigan")

In the first pic, he is shown "normal" in his class photo for 6th grade. A few weeks later, when he and "Tazzy" got into something they shouldn't have, we got the second photo of him with his face extremely swollen.
We still haven't found out what they were allergic to, but can you believe that, on the follow-up doctor visit to prove that the perscription was working properly, the doctor decided maybe it was scabbies? (We no longer go to that doctor, as scabbies won't make you blow up like a balloon.)

My favorite pic of my daughter (aka "the Tazinator" or "TazGirl")

She decided at just short of age 1 that it was WAY too warm for the Muumuu (Hawaiian dress) she's holding in her teeth.

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